The Digital Apprenticeships Service

Make the most of changes to apprenticeship funding

From May 2017

Starting in May 2017 all employers will access the apprenticeship service via their Digital Apprenticeship Service platform.

This is especially important for employers paying the Apprenticeships Levy, as this is where they will be able to spend their Levy on apprenticeships.

What is the Digital Apprenticeships Service (DAS)?

Basically it’s an online platform to help employers start employing apprentices. The idea is that it makes it much easier as it collects all the important things employers need in order to calculate funding, find training providers and get started with an apprentice.

Who is it for?

For now it is for apprenticeship levy-paying employers which are companies with a wage bill of more than £3 million per year. At the moment only levy-paying employers will be making payments via DAS; it is scheduled (but not confirmed yet) that non levy-paying employers will, at some later stage (predicted to start at some point in 2018) have to use the DAS platform too, with the long term goal being that all employers will use it by 2020.

If you do not pay the levy, you won’t be able to use the apprenticeship service to pay for apprenticeship training and assessment until at least 2018. Instead, you’ll need to agree a payment schedule with the provider and pay them directly for the training. The provider must prove that you have paid your contributions as a condition of government paying its contribution. To get started as a non levy paying employer contact our team today.

As we deliver apprenticeship recruitment and training, we can work with employers through the DAS.

If you are looking to become an apprentice yourself you can continue to use the Government’s Find an Apprenticeship platform.

You can find out more about funding for apprenticeships on the Government website.

What can it do?

As an employer, there are 5 main apprenticeship processes that you will be able to carry out using the DAS:

  1. Estimate apprenticeship funding.
  2. Find training providers. As apprenticeships require some training in addition to workplace experience, employers will be able to work with a training provider like LifeCare through the DAS.
  3. Advertise an apprenticeship. Employers can advertise an apprenticeship through the DAS. We can work closely with you to advertise, and then recruit, the very best applicants.
  4. Access to funding will be provided through the DAS. Access to funding will be provided by the DAS. If you pay the Apprenticeship Levy, you will login to access these funds and pay for training.
  5. Set up the package that you want with your chosen training provider.

Your Apprenticeship Training Partner

LifeCare is just one of the apprenticeship partners that you can choose to work with through the DAS. We provide a flexible range of services that help you deliver an apprenticeship that’s effective for you and your apprentice. LifeCare is listed on the Register of Apprenticeship Providers (RoATP), which allows us to deliver apprenticeships to Levy-Paying employers.

We can help you identify what apprenticeship will work for you based on our years of experience.

What’s the point?

The government is really keen to increase the effectiveness and number of apprenticeships since they’re a great way to boost productivity.

  1. The DAS will “put employers in control”, helping them find the apprentices and training providers they need.
  2. There will be new apprenticeships made available, as the government aims to increase the number of apprenticeships across the country and offer new “Apprenticeship Frameworks”.
  3. It will be easier to find the right apprenticeship. Since there are so many options, varying from entry level to degree level, it will be easier to find the right match for your business.
  4. A key aim of the DAS it to encourage diversity and social mobility, enabling learners from all backgrounds to access training and making a wider pool of talent available to employers.

For help getting started, or carrying out your apprenticeship through the DAS get in touch with our dedicated team today.

Where do LifeCare come in?

Our role is to help you get the most out of your apprenticeship. We can provide a very flexible selection of recruitment, training and ongoing support services to help your business, your team and your apprentice.


Get in touch from the start

We can help you identify how an apprenticeship will work for you based on our years of experience. We can help you with setup, as well as training and delivery.


Training Delivery

As a training provider, we can teach the classroom elements of this apprenticeship, enabling your apprentice to achieve more


Tailored recruitment

We use evidence based interview techniques, personality and skills-based testing to match you to your ideal apprentice.


Ongoing support

We provide mentoring and pastoral support to you and your apprentice with gap analysis, regular health checks and experienced, practical guidance.

Your apprentices will be provided with

• High quality teaching by friendly and experienced staff
• Individualised mentoring and support throughout their time with us
• Confidence and skills building to maximise work performance
• Access to additional free/subsidised training courses
• Flexible patterns of classroom & work based learning to suit your organisation’s needs

Get in touch to get started

A Training Provider

Founded in 1998, LifeCare provide training, apprenticeships and domiciliary care services in London. Our experience as an employer and long term training provider enable us to provide meaningful support and real world advice for both you and your apprentice.

We’re incredibly proud of the achievements of the apprentices we’ve helped.

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Matrix Certified

We’re accredited by Matrix to support and deliver apprenticeships using the Matrix Standard Framework. This enables us to look at the needs of your organisation and meet them through by addressing the needs of individuals. Lifecare Qualifications Ltd can be found on this directory.

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