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We have been supporting our community in East London since 1998.

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We are a small dedicated team. We focus on providing the support to both the employer and the learner. Our greatest recruitment tool is word of mouth so you know how seriously we take our relationship with our employers. We offer a wide range of support to the employer including free e-learning for all your staff (not just the apprentices). Contact us for more information.

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What we do

Services we offer to employers

Tailored Recruitment

Our thorough vetting and considered placement of recruits means your apprentice can get off to a flying start.


Training Provider

We meet all your training requirements for all your staff (not just the apprentices).


Ongoing Support

Our regular “health checks” and experienced guidance helps both you and your apprentice.

The Apprenticehsip Levy

From April 2017 employers in England with a wage bill of more than £3 million per year will have to pay the Apprenticeships Levy.

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A trusted advisor, a trained provider

Funded training can be complex. We help you understand what you can expect from your new apprentice and what you can do to get the most out of your relationship. As well as getting the process started, we provide mentoring and pastoral care for both on an ongoing basis, with regular “health checks”. We’re specifically accredited, providing training, advice and guidance.

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Real people, real benefits

An apprenticeship can be the perfect way to develop your team, improve efficiency and grow your business.


More skilled

Make sure your business has the skills it needs in the long term with an apprentice who brings national level qualifications to your team


More efficient

Government support and lower costs means you fill your skills gap with motivated team members that save you money


More productive

Apprentices’ enthusiasm is infectious. 76% of employers who hire apprentices agree they make the workplace more productive.

What we do for you

An apprenticeship is a partnership. We’re here to help you get the most out of our apprentice’s apprenticeship. This normally involves some kind of mentoring programme. We help you deliver the real world, practical advice and training that will help your team provide the guidance and support your new apprentice needs. This is your opportunity to help someone develop themselves and make a real difference to your business.

What we do for your apprentice

Our role is to make sure that your apprentice is fully willing and able to contribute to your company. Not only do we carry out an in depth vetting process, we make sure they have the practical and theoretical skills they need to begin. Once they’ve started, we’ll make sure that they make the required progress academically, as apprenticeships still require some classroom learning.

Why LifeCare?

An apprenticeship isn’t for everyone. That’s why we make sure that anyone placed in your workforce will be the right person for the job. We have a thorough vetting process and our experience as an employer and a training and apprenticeship provider means we are incredibly careful with who we chose to work with. But it doesn’t stop there, once your apprentice has started we continue to provide support. We help both you and your apprentice with day to day challenges and training to make sure it’s a productive relationship.

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Bespoke recruitment service

Our experienced staff are accredited by Matrix in the provision of Apprenticeships. This means we find apprentices who have the potential to make a real contribution to your business through our extensive vetting process


Role specific testing criteria


Evidence based interview techniques

Personality testing

Skills testing for basic competency

Bureaucratic backup

The apprenticeships system is changing again in 2017 with big implications for businesses of all sizes. We’re here to help you understand what will work best for you. By working out your needs we can provide the selection of services that are best for you and help you navigate the administrative and practical challenges of training an apprentice. As “Frameworks” become “Standards” and funding undergoes a major upheaval, our approach is to put your requirements first, so you can focus on getting the most out of your team.

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Training provider

As well as getting your apprenticeship off the ground we can provide the class room learning elements of the programme. Different apprenticehips have different classroom componants but most require Key Skills certifications of some kind or another. Our team of engaging educators are here to deliver the taught part of an apprenticeship in a flexible manner.

Apprenticeships we offer

As a care and training provider, certified by Matrix, we work with clients to deliver the following apprenticeships.

Social Care

Ideal for work in hospitals, residential homes, education and other places where care services are professionally provided for adults.

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Business Administration

From filing to organising meetings and processing information in a variety of internal departments.

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Customer Service

For customer facing roles. Improve your customer retention rates by developing your staff.

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Frequently asked questions

There is strong government support for apprenticeships. In most cases all of the vetting and training aspects of an apprenticeship are paid for by the government. It’s free to advertise an apprenticeship on a national level and the services we provide in recruiting and supporting apprenticeships are also covered. Although the minimum wage for apprentices varies depending on age, they are normally lower than the national minimum wage to account for the extra support they will need. However, there are significant changes to how apprenticeships are funded starting in 2017, so get in touch to find out more about how we can help you fill your skills gap.