Domiciliary Care Services

The domiciliary Care Service we provide include

  • Personal Care: Care services for adults who want to live an independent life in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. This could include everything from helping you get out of bed to preparing meals. The care package can be structured in such a way that you can get multiple visits a day (e.g. a visit in the morning, one in the afternoon and another in the evening)
  • Domestic tasks: For when you just need some additional help at home such as with the cleaning or shopping
  • Sitting-in: Regardless of age or disability we all need to take care to avoid loneliness and isolation. Our sitting in service acts as a befriending service. The sitting in can take place in the home. However, it can also involve just going out for a walk or taking part in a particular event (e.g. attending bingo on a weekly basis)
  • Respite: If your regular carer is going away then we will be happy to provide a suitable replacement in their absence
  • Reablement: These are interventions that are of a particular time span and with agreed goals and objectives. For example where a service user has just come out of hospital (e.g. due to broken limbs; hip replacements; surgery rehabilitation; injuries; etc) we can provide a service with the aim of ensuring that they are totally independent after the end of a period of time (usually 6 weeks)
  • Escort: We provide an escort service for service users who simply need help to get around. We can provide escort services to college, day centres or wherever our staff can support you to get to.
  • 24-hour live-in: If you would like the flexibility of  bespoke one-to-one care assistance in your own home and on your own terms then we will be happy to sit down and talk to you to get exactly the right support for you.

We provide services to

  • Elderly Service Users
  • Adults with Physical Disabilities
  • Children with Physical Disabilities
  • Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities



We currently cover all London boroughs