Domiciliary care

Some people prefer the comfort of their own home. At LifeCare, we believe that every individual has unique needs and that one size never fits all. The care that we provide is purely to empower, working in partnership to help people realise their potential and lead fulfilling lives.

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Universally unique care

Our aim is always to identify and meet the needs of each individual. As a dynamic and flexible provider of care, we have been able to support adults of all ages with many different needs and goals. This covers a range of specialist requirements, perhaps involving medical conditions or physical disabilities. Our role is to find out the level of care that is required and make sure that it’s there when it’s needed.


Individual choice

Personal decision making is an essential right for all those to whom we provide care. This is a fundamental requirement and forms the basis of our approach to care.

Unique needs

There is no single specification that will provide perfect care for everyone. Our aim is always to identify and meet the needs of each person individually.

Personal fulfilment

The ultimate goal of our care is to empower and enable people to live the best life that they can live.

An emphasis on support

In some cases care means doing something for our clients, but it is always with the aim of helping our clients do things for themselves. Whether just enjoying their time at home or getting out and about. We want to enable and facilitate every individual to do what they want to do to the best of their ability and with the level of assistance that is most appropriate for them. Our aim is to help the receivers of our care achieve as much independence and the highest level of wellbeing possible.

Trained, qualified, certified

As a training provider, we are able to provide certified, meaningful training to our staff. Because we are certified in providing a range of qualifications, we can enhance this training with our real world experience of what it takes to provide proper care. So we combine practical knowledge with ongoing formal training to make sure that our staff can provide safe, supportive care.

Respect and privacy

All people who are supported by and are at LifeCare will be treated with respect at all times. This is a fundamental principle behind all of our work. By giving those we support control over their lives, respecting decisions and treating everyone as a unique individual, we provide truly personalised care.

What our care involves

Our comprehensive care services fall into the following four areas

We provide personal care than can include:

  • Helping getting out of bed, or getting ready for bed
  • Preparing and helping with meals
  • Supervising the use of medication
  • Providing vital assistance for those with limited mobility
  • Help with personal hygiene

We can keep in contact in a number of ways:

  • Sitting-in service
  • Escort service
  • Contact supervision
  • Waking nights
  • Sleep-in
  • 24-hour live-in
  • Re-enablement services
  • Residential agency cover

We can help keep things at home up to scratch with:

  • Simple things like bed making
  • Monitoring the heating and internal conditions throughout the year
  • Preparing and cooking meals (and even the washing up)
  • Shopping
  • General cleaning

Places we provide care:

  • Private clients and customers
  • Residential and nursing care homes
  • Local Government social service authorities
  • We can offer flexible care, to make sure that the needs of our clients are met, regardless of age or ability. Get in touch to tell us about what would work best for you.

We're happy to talk

Care work is a very personal profession, so we’re always happy to hear your concerns and get to know you properly.

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