Work as a carer

At LifeCare, our aim is to help you provide the best possible standard of care.

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Why choose to care?

Join a team that cares:



As a certified training provider, we have the capability of providing the certifications and qualifications you need to provide safe, supportive care. And we can back that theory up with our real world experience and practical know-how.


Our goal is to improve wellbeing and independence. We think the best way for receivers of our care to achieve this is if our care team also achieves it. By offering you the support you need, we can help you make a real difference in people’s lives.



With all kinds of events, activities and awards going on, we keep a busy social schedule for our team. By being there for each other and coming together to recognise everybody’s contribution, we form a friendly and supportive team.

Anyone is welcome

We are a team made up of people from all sorts of backgrounds. If you want to do a job that makes a difference to someone’s life we want to help do it.

We offer a range of roles, working will all kinds of people across London and can provide all the necessary training.

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What our care involves

We provide domiciliary care. This means that we support people in their own homes. We aim to provide whatever support the Service User needs to keep them independent. We want people who want to provide the level of support that they would expect for themselves. The work you do as a carer may vary a lot on a day to day basis, these are just some of the things that care work can involve.

Providing personal care and support can include:

  • Helping getting out of bed, or getting ready for bed
  • Preparing and helping with meals
  • Supervising the use of medication
  • Providing vital assistance for those with limited mobility
  • Help with personal hygiene

You can help keep things at home up to scratch:

  • Simple things like bed making
  • Monitoring the heating and internal conditions throughout the year
  • Preparing and cooking meals (and even the washing up)
  • Shopping
  • General cleaning

Keeping in contact with our clients can cover:

  • Sitting-in service
  • Escort service
  • Contact supervision
  • Waking nights
  • Sleep-in
  • 24-hour live-in
  • Re-enablement services
  • Residential agency cover

Roles we offer

We provide care of a variet of levels in a range of situations. This means we can be flexible about the work you do, as well as when and where you do it.

Care home care worker

Join a team in a care home to procvide day to day support and assistance for those residing there.

Live in care worker

Be there for people who may need support at any time, working closely with those who need your help.

Domestic care worker

Visit somebody’s home to help them live independantly and make sure they are keeping on top of things.

Care assistant

Help is always needed, we have many roles that are based around providing backup and assistance.