Services for Employers:

  • Training of employed staff: We can support you to provide CPD for your staff through
  • Work placements:
    • We have candidates who are looking to move from welfare into work
    • Even if you do not offer the employment you can make a difference in a learners life by offering experience that can help them secure employment.
    • This forms a ‘try before you buy’ scheme of sorts. You can take on an applicant for up to a week to see how they get on, before you make a decision.
    • You can interview them like any other applicant. If you think they are suitable, you can arrange a placement with them.
    • At the end, you can offer employment or just shake hands and walk away;
  • Apprenticeship recruitment: An Apprenticeship is a combination of on and off the job learning and development. As employees, apprentices work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills, getting paid whilst working towards a number of qualifications and gaining experience. The benefits of an apprenticeship includes
    • Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (AGE) of £1500 for employers taking on a new Apprentice
    • Lifecare will recruit and screen apprentices for you vacancy free of charge
    • National Minimum Wage for Apprentices is £3.30 (rising to £3.40 on 01/10/2016)*
    • Training costs of the apprentice is funded by government
    • 88% of employers who employ apprentices believe that Apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce (source: National Apprenticeship Service)

*Employers are free to pay a higher wage to the apprentice. The low apprenticeship minimum wage reflects the amount of support that an apprentice requires in comparison to an experienced recruit. The idea is that without this incentive the apprentice may not be able to get the experienced required to compete for a higher wage.

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