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Why learn with us

There are a whole host of benefits, including:


Our range of online and taught courses are super flexible. Your team can dip into their learning on pretty much any computer, so it fits in around their day to day workload.

Cost effective

Our courses offer a way to get qualifications more cheaply than many other types of learning.

Flexible training, real world learning

As a provider of health and social care, we understand the real world demands of training. In order to ensure that our staff have the skills and certifications to fulfil their roles, we have committed to providing training that works. We now offer our wide range of training services for employers in a number of sectors, supporting staff in the development of their professional capabilities.

Make mandatory training easy

We can help you keep your staff up to speed, making sure that your team have the skills and certification to get the job done properly and safely. As a certified provider of training, we are able to ensure that your team has the required certificates from health and safety to food hygiene.

A trusted advisor, a trained provider

LifeCare is a specialist Health & Social Care Training Provider based in London since 1998. Alongside the Care Sector we are also experienced in providing training to support the development of skills in the wider sectors of Business Administration and Customer Service.

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What we do

Our range of services include:

Classroom courses

We offer immersive, interactive taught courses to provide a comprehensive education to those we train. Our team are experienced providers of training, we also work with a range of employers and provide care services ourselves, so we can back up theoretical training with real world, practical know-how.

eLearning courses

Our online courses and qualifications mean you can learn when you want, where you want. All you need is access to the internet and you can get started, learning exactly the things that you need to further your career or keep your qualifications up to date.